Play Face Pals - This Product Will Really Change the Way Your Child Plays with Stuffed Animals

Does your child love stuffed animals but he or she already has lots of them, which at times actually bores your child? Play Face Pals™ is the stuffed animal that you will definitely want to get for your child the next time around then. The manufacturer claims that this product will add a new level of excitement to playing with stuffed animals. As seen on, Play Face Pals features cute and colorful designs of different animals like a bunny, a big, a lion, a monkey and more. Not only are they really cute and colorful however, but what really sets them apart is that the Play Face Pals is actually able to make different faces. These stuffed animals feature bendable mouths and brows which will allow your child to easily customize in accordance to your child's mood or simply to have the Play Face Pals make a funny face. The product is also made out of high quality plush materials so not only will your child have a lot of fun playing with the stuffed animal, but your child will also feel warm and comfortable cuddling with Play Face Pals. This also makes Play Face Pals great for use in play time with your child's friends or on slumber parties as well.

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