Playbrites - Have Fun Creating Faces on This Toy That Puts on a Light Show!

Are you looking for a fun and dazzling toy for your child to play with? Playbrites™ is the product that you might want to get for your child then. The manufacturer claims that this product is something that your child will really love to have. First off, Playbrites feature cute and colorful animal designs like a bunny, kit and dog design that makes them very appealing to a lot of small children. However, it is not just their look that children will love about Playbrites. As seen on, all your child needs to do is to flip a switch on the Playbrights and it will instantly light up, making the product that much more dazzling for your child. For an even more amazing light shop, all your child needs to do is to take off the top part of Play brites and let the light show fill an even bigger space, like your child's room for example. Also, reviews love that your child can add different parts to the Playbrites, allowing your child to change the look or expression that the Playbrites' face can give. This makes Playbrites a truly versatile toy for your child and is something that your child's friends will most certainly love.

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