Plug and Safe - Home Security System Uses Subsonic Monitoring to Scare Off Any Burglar Before He Breaks Inside

The problem with old-fashioned home security systems and burglar alarms is that they are designed to go off only after the intruder has broken in to your house. But the Plug and Safe™ is different. As soon as a person tries to enter your house through a door or window, the Plug and Safe will detect them and turn on, scaring off any would-be burglar. As seen on TV with Akos the Solutionist and on, the Plug and Safe does not require any kind of complicated or expensive installation. You simply plug it into any common electrical outlet in your home; then you plug devices such as a lamp and radio into your Plug and Safe; these devices will turn on instantly when a person begins to enter your home, scaring them off before they even make it inside. The key to how Plug and Safe works is its subsonic wave technology, which immediately maps out your entire building and monitors all the ports of entry. The subsonic wave detection tells the device when someone is attempting to come in. The Plug and Safe device costs hundreds less than typical home security systems, and there is no monthly monitoring fee to pay. Even if you already have an alarm system for your home, you can use Plug and Safe as additional protection to scare off thieves before they get the chance the break a window or door.

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