Plug Purse - Why Users are Giving Great Reviews on This Portable Cell Phone Charger

Today, it has become a lot more important to carry a mobile device like a cell phone or tablet around for communication, productivity and entertainment even when on the go. The problem is due to the frequent use of these devices, the battery never seems to last through the whole day, but that can be remedied by using the Plug Purse™. This is a revolutionary purse that actually doubles as a portable phone charger and will allow you to charge your mobile device even when on the go. The PlugPurse features an internal battery along with universal connectors that will allow you to charge virtually any brand of mobile phone as well as tablets, mp3 players, game devices and many more. Despite this amazing feature, the Plug Purse is still able to hold credit cards, identification cards, cash and many more just like a regular purse would. Reviews rave about this product as it not only is a handy and compact purse that you can use on an everyday basis, but its charging function is truly convenient and will allow you to fully charge your phone without having to go through the hassle of looking for a socket to plug in to. A lot of reviews recommend tech lovers or even casual gadget users to get the Plug Purse, as it is a useful companion to your mobile device.

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