Pocket Desktop - Secure Your Files and Important Documents with this USB Flash Drive Key with its own Operating System

In today's digital age, a lot of important documents, photos, videos and the like are all stored on the computer. However, there is always a possibility of hard drive damage, a software crash or even data theft that can lead to the loss of these important files, but with the Pocket Desktop™, you can easily backup these important files and prevent them from being permanently lost. Basically, the Pocket Desktop is a USB flash with 4GB of storage memory. But what sets the Pocket Desktop apart from other USB keys available on the market today is that it has its own operating system installed in it. The Pocket Desktop has a read only core, which means that it cannot be altered in any way, rendering it safe from virus and spyware that can otherwise damage a regular computer operating system. Also, the Pocket Desktop contains important applications that will allow you to open Word documents, view pictures and many more. This versatility makes the Pocket Desktop a suitable backup device for any computer user. The Pocket Desktop operating system also works with Windows, Mac or Linux for maximum versatility. So if you are looking for the best backup storage device in the market today, then the Pocket Desktop is the best and most secure USB flash drive there is.

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