Pocket Hose Ultra - Reviews Say This Flexible and Compact Hose is the Best Hose You can Get for Your Yard

If you are on the market for a new hose for your garage or garden, then the Pocket Hose Ultra™ is definitely the best hose you can buy today. An improvement on the original Pocket Hose Design, the Ultra will make watering your garden or cleaning your garage a whole lot easier and convenient. Like the original Pocket Hose, the Pocket Hose Ultra is flexible hose that starts off compact and light, but when water pressure runs through it, it immediately expands into a full length hose. However, the Pocket Hose Ultra is made out of much improved materials, making the hose 3x stronger and more durable than the original. The Ultra also features Tight Seal Technology which ensures that your hose will not leak, giving you maximum water pressure and reduced water spillage. The Pocket Hose Ultra also features more durable amber tip connectors that are more resistant to breakage and features a scientifically developed elastomer hose interior that give it maximum flexibility without sacrificing durability. Reviews say that the Pocket Hose Ultra does shrink to a very compact size when not in use, as seen on TV. When it is time to use it though, reviews say that the hose delivers maximum water pressure and withstands all the wear and tear of constant use.

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