Pocket Hose - As Seen On TV, the Amazing Flexible, Expandable Water Hose You Can Buy for Your Garden

Are you having trouble wrestling with your heavy, tangle-full and filthy hose that you have to bring from your garage to other parts with your house? If you do not want to waste your strength on that beast of a hose, then the Pocket Hose™ is definitely for you. It is an extremely flexible and expandable hose that expands when water runs through it and contracts into a small and lightweight hose that can fit inside your pocket. You do not need to exert a lot of effort working with water pipes and extra-long hoses that are very hefty to carry. As seen on TV, you can easily carry around the pocket hose as it is extremely light weight and compact. When the time comes for you to use it, just run water through it and watch it expand to a full size hose. Not only is it compact, and lightweight, it is extremely durable as well. As seen on www.comprepockethose.com, it is made like a fire hose in the inside and a stretchy yet damage resistant material covering it. Reviews consider Pocket Hose the flexable hose to buy if you are looking for one that is easy to work with, has a strong spraying power, compact, lightweight and will last you for years.

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