Pocket Juice - Reviews Say This Smart Phone and Mobile Device Charger Quickly Recharges Your Battery Life

The use of mobile phones, smart phones and tablets for communication, entertainment and even work is so popular nowadays that a lot of people have one or a number of the above mentioned devices. If you have your own smart phone or tablet that you use a lot and you find that these devices of yours do not have enough battery power to last you through your day then the Pocket Juice™ is one accessory that you will want to get for your devices. The Pocket Juice is a small and compact mobile charger that you can bring with your wherever you go. To use, simply plug the PocketJuice into a wall socket in order to charge it up before bringing it along when you go out of the house. Should you find that your mobile devices are already running low on power, simply connect the compatible cable from the Pocket Juice to your device and it should get power instantly. What's great about the Pocket Juice is that it holds enough power to provide a device with an extra 6 hours of talk time or 48 hours of continuous audio playback, which should be a lot of power to last you using your device extensively for over a day. Reviews also love that the Pocket Juice comes in a very compact form factor and has multiple connectors that work with most devices available today so no matter your mobile device, the Pocket Juice should be able to provide the needed power.

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