Pocket Mechanic - The Best and Most Portable Simple Car Diagnostic Tool That Reviews Rave About

Do you love to go out and drive your car just for the sheer fun of it, but find it hard to diagnose car problems whenever they arise? You do not need to be a car guy or car expert in order to diagnose simple problems; all you need is the Pocket Mechanic™. The Pocket Mechanic is a personal and compact diagnostic computer that will allow virtually anybody to identify simple car problems without having to go to a professional in order to do it for them. The Pocket Mechanic is a very easy to use diagnostic tool. All you need to do is to plug the PocketMechanic onto the car's diagnostic port and it immediately identifies the car's problem. What's even better is that it categorizes the severity of the car's problem. If the auto problem is so critical that you need to stop right away, the Pocket Mechanic will flash a red warning color. If it flashes yellow, it means that you can still run the car, but it needs to get repairs as soon as possible. If it flashes green, then your car is in good working order. Many user reviews tout that this is the best car diagnostic tool they have ever used as it is simple to operate yet gives accurate information, and that the Pocket Mechanic has not only saved them hundreds of dollars in repair costs, but also makes driving a car a whole lot safer as well.

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