Pocket Patch - Protect Your Body from the Potentially Harmful Radiation that Mobile Phones and Devices May Emit

Almost everybody has a mobile phone nowadays as it is definitely useful thanks to the easy communication that it provides, but did you know that these devices produce radiation that can be potentially harmful to the body? If you bring your mobile phone along with you for most of the time and you are looking for a way to protect yourself from the radiation while the device is in your pocket then the Pocket Patch™ is the product for you. The PocketPatch acts as a shield that protects your body from the potentially harming benefits that radiation can give. To use, simply iron the Pocket Patch over the bock of your pockets using a heated flat iron and the product will easily adhere onto it. With the Pocket Patch in place, it will deflect 99% of the cell phone radiation away from the body. Due to its simple adhesion method, you can attach the Pocket Patch onto virtually any pocket of any piece of clothing that you may have, and that the product is great for kids who love to bring their own mobile devices along. Reviews also love the fact that the product is made out of soft cotton making the product unobtrusive to their everyday activities.

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