Point and Clean - Clean Your Home Effectively at a Fraction of the Time

When cleaning around your home, you most likely have been using a rag or piece of cloth in one hand and a pail with water or cleaning solution on the other. This is definitely a messy way to clean your home so if you want a more convenient and mess-free way to clean, the Point and Clean™ is the product for you. It is a revolutionary cleaning tool that will allow you to easily clean the different parts of your home with ease. What sets the Point and Clean apart from other cleaning tools is the interchangeable pad feature which allows you to easily swap out cleaning pads depending on the surface that you are cleaning. If you are cleaning delicate surfaces then use the smooth cleaning pad. For tough dirt and grime, you can easily swap out to the rougher cleaning pad. Another feature that makes Point and Clean really good is that it has an integrated tank and sprayer which allows you to add water or a cleaning solution into the Point and Clean and when it’s time to clean, simply press on a button to spray your cleaning solution and just wipe away. This should make cleaning extremely easy, and should save you a lot of time as well.

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