Point N Paint - The No Splatter, No Drip, No Ladder, Easy and Fast Solution to Painting.

With Point N Paint™ , say goodbye to drippings, dragging ladders, and splatters. Reviews by Anthony Sullivan say an entire room can be painted in less than an hour with Point N Paint. This product is not available in stores. It works around moldings, fittings, and fixtures. The Point N Paint is a specialized brush with a pointed tip that can absorb five times as much paint as an ordinary roller. Under the grip is a swivel pole adaptor that can attach to any pole, so painting the ceiling is easy and drip free. In stores, a complete paint set could cost $200. Compare prices to Point N Paint which does the same thing and is the best edger, ever. As seen on TV, it is easy to handle. But does Point N Paint really work? Yes, by pouring paint into a no-spill tray dispenser, then running the Point N Paint using the applicator pad under the wheel. The Point N Paint, as seen on TV, can hold five times as much paint as a roller. It works on both smooth and rough surfaces. Included with the Point N Paint kit is the free no-drip dispenser, a free mini edger, plus a lifetime supply of replacement pads at just the cost of shipping and processing. Point N Paint can be ordered upon viewing the advertisement.

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