Poo Pal - Helpful Bathroom Product that WIll Make Much More Comfortable for You to Move Your Bowel

Moving the bowel is one of the major ways that the body gets rid of waste, but if you suffer from frequent constipation, hemorrhoids or irritable bowel syndrome then the act of moving your bowel can actually be very uncomfortable if not quite painful for some. If you are looking for ways to make the evacuation of solid waste from the body much more comfortable then the Poo Pal™ is the perfect bathroom tool for you. It is a specially designed pedestal for your bathroom that should help facilitate a much easier experience of moving your bowel. Simply position the PooPal in front of your toilet bowl and place your feet on it while you remove your bowel. This position elevates the legs and puts you in a much better position where waste can get out from the body much easier, and also helps your colon muscles to relax. This will help alleviate the pain, discomfort as well as the straining that you may have been used to for quite some time. The Poo Pal is sturdily designed and also features a non-slip surface so you are guaranteed to be in the best position to quickly, smoothly and comfortably move your bowels.

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