Poofume - This Before Spray Will Keep The Toilet Smelling Clean and Fresh After Using It

Do you hate that feeling when you use the toilet and leave it with a stinky smell that other users of the comfort room might get to experience? If you do not want this embarrassing situation from happening then the Poofume™ is the perfect product for you. It is a before spray that is designed to keep your toilet smelling clean and fresh even after you use it. Simply spray the Poofume into the toilet before you use it. The Poofume's special formulation that incorporates natural oils act as a barrier for your toilet; this barrier keeps the nasty odours under the water of your toilet. After you flush the toilet, you will get to enjoy a fresh and clean scent that will not make you feel embarrassed for the next person who will be using it. What's great about the Poofume is that it does not use harsh chemicals so the toilet will not smell too strong and pungent and instead will actually smell better than before you have used the toilet. Also, the Poofume comes in a small and handy bottle, making it a great product to bring along on your travels. With the Poofume, you can use the toilet with the confidence that you will not be leaving an uncomfortable smell afterwards.

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