PoogoStick - Reviews Say this Product makes it Very Easy to Clean-Up Dog Poo

Walking your dog or letting your pet run around the home can be great for your pet's health but the problem is that should your dog poo around your house or when you walk your dog then you will get into a lot of hassle and mess despite having to use conventional poop-scoopers that are ineffective and inefficient. If you are looking for a product that will allow you to easily scoop the poop of your pet without too much hassle and mess then the PoogoStick™ is the product that you will want to use. As seen on www.buypoogostick.com, the Poogo Stick features a 2 part system that sets it apart from other poop scoopers available in the market today. The Poogo Pan features 4 rubber grippers around the pan area that will allow you to easily slip a plastic bag over the pan and that you will not have to worry about it falling off as the rubber grips will ensure that the bag stays in place. The other part of the PoogoStick system is the Poogo Stick itself that features the Prong and Push-Plate design. When you need to remove your dog's poop from the garden or lawn for example then all you need to do is to get the PooGoStick, press on the trigger on the handle and this will retract the PoogoStick Plate, exposing the rake design that will allow you to easily scoop up poop without clogging or smearing. Then, you simply aim the tip of the PoogoStick onto the Poogo Pan with a plastic bag on it and then release the handle and the PoogoStick will release the poop onto the pan for easy disposal. Reviews also really love that aside from being very effective at removing dog poop, the product also works great for cat litter boxes making this product quite the versatile one as well.

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