Pop N Fun - Pie Pops Maker Comes With Special Recipes to Make a Variety of Pie Flavors and Fillings

Pies, especially pie pops are a great treat for your family and guests and can be served on a variety of occasions, but preparing pie pops can be a hassle and can be very messy without the proper tools and cookware. With the Pop N Fun™ however, you can easily create pipe pops without all the mess! The Pop N Fun comes with everything you need in order to create delicious and truly enjoyable pie pops. You get 2 Pie Pans with various shapes. One pan features your traditionally round pie shape while the other pan that you get comes in a variety of shapes like hearts and stars along with matching cutters that will allow you to easily cut the crust into the shapes that you want. In each pan, you will notice that there is a vertical recess going to the bake area. This is where you will place the pop sticks that will allow you to easily make pie pops without any hassle whatsoever. With the PopNFun, all you need to do is to use the cutter to cut the crust to your desired shape, placed the cut crust into the pie pan, place your desire filling, place the pop stick onto the provided space and bake. Now you can easily bake pie pops for various occasions like birthdays, family gatherings and many other occasions; your guests will surely love them. With the Pop N Fun, you also get the Pop N Fun baking guide that gives you many different recipes on how to come up with unique looking and tasting pie pops that you, your family and guest will surely enjoy eating.

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