Pop'emz - An Easy to Use and Mess Free Way for Your Child to Express His or Her Creativity

When doing art exercises or other creativity building activities, you most likely have made your child use pens, water color and the like and while effective, the big problem is that these tools can make your child cause quite a bit of mess around the house or play area which can be very difficult for you to clean. With Pop'emz™ however, you can allow your child to create colorful and unique designs on the walls of your house or any hard and flat surface without the hassles of difficult to clean mess. Pop emz are small and soft colorful suction cups that your child can easily mix, match and stick onto surfaces as they see fit. Thanks to the different colors available, your child can easily create animal designs, cars, stars and virtually any look that they want to achieve in a very colorful manner, which will surely make them utilize their creativity. They can also use Popemz as decorations to the wall of their rooms, windows and mirrors which they will surely love to do. Once they are tired of the designs that they have created or maybe you need to clean up the room, you can easily remove Pop'emz without any residue left on the surface which makes cleanup extremely easy.

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