Portabook - Reviews Say the Porta Book Laptop Computer Stand Provides Travel Portability and More Comfort Than Any Desk.

Do you love the portability of your laptop, but hate all the hunching, straining and twisting because you just can't get comfortable using it? You need Portabook™, the amazing new laptop stand that makes using your laptop computer as easy as watching TV - you don't even need a desk. With Portabook, you can enjoy working on-the-go without the pain and strain - it's easy as 1-2-3! Simply open the Portabook and adjust it to the perfect viewing angle for you (choose from 5 different angles!), place your computer on the laptop stand and strap it securely in. That's it. The reviews have it: Porta book unchains you from your desk and gives you the freedom to finally move around incomfort and style. And with a convenient storage center, Portabook becomes the perfect workstation, indoors or out. Portabook doesn't just make it easier to use your laptop anywhere, anytime. It also a laptop stand that protects your computer by allowing cooling airflow to vent underneath and prevent overheating while simultaneously saving old wooden desks from heat damage. And when you're done, Porta book folds up for easy transport. Portabook makes the perfect laptop stand at a fraction of the cost of the hundred-dollar models, and conveniently doubles as a book holder, clipboard, music stand, cookbook stand and anything else you'd like to use hands-free. And if you order your Portabook today, you'll get a special free bonus - the WiFi Finder - absolutely free! Instead of constantly fiddling with your laptop to find the best wireless signal location, the WiFi Finder detects the best signal with the simple touch of a button. It's that fast. Get on the go and be comfortable.

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