Portion Fix Eating Plan - Achieve a Balanced and Healthy Diet Without the Guesswork with this Kit from Beachbody

A balanced diet is key to a healthy lifestyle and also to shedding off excess fat but the problem is that a lot of people have a hard time knowing how much food is too much. If you are looking for a guide that will allow you to easily control the amount of food that you are eating, then Portion Fix Eating Plan™ from Beachbody is what you will want to use. Conventionally, people had to learn how to count calories when eating but the problem is that this is not always accurate and what happens is that an individual will eat too little or too much, and neither of these is good for the body. PortionFix Eating Plan remedies this problem by using color-coded food containers of different sizes with each one corresponding to certain food groups. The idea is that a user will fill these containers according to the type of food that they are associated to, with these being their limit for the day. The Portion Fix Eating Plan features larger containers for healthy food like vegetables and proteins and smaller containers for sweets and carbs. This simple system will make it a lot easy for an individual to achieve a balanced diet and will also allow the person to have much more control of his or her food intake.

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