Portion Right - Control Your Food Intake With this Easy to Use Food Portion System

A lot of people have problems with excess weight in their body and that one of the main causes of this problem is that people tend to eat a lot of food that contain high levels of sugar, fats and calories. If you want to lose the weight but do not want to go through diets that require you to deprive or starve yourself of food then Portion Right™ could be the solution that is perfect for you. The Portion Right utilizes a simple method in helping you control your food intake. The system is comprised of different sized rings with each ring sporting a colour that represents food groups with green being the colour for vegetables and orange the colour for fatty foods. PortionRight has much larger rings for essential food groups like vegetables, fruits and lean proteins and smaller rings for the types of food that you should not be eating too much of like sweets, carbohydrates and fats. The idea is to feel these rings with their associated food groups and only eat the portions that are in the rings. With this very easy to use system, you should be able to control your food intake, increasing the intake of healthy food while decreasing the consumption of those considered unhealthy, allowing you to achieve a healthy diet and therefore lose excess weight without having to go on extreme diets.

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