PostureNow - Review the Best Posture Brace Around

A lot of people suffer from improper back posture, and not only is it bad to look at, it also can be a cause of back pain and discomfort. If you find that you do not have ideal back posture and you are looking for an effective and comfortable way to correct in, then the PostureNow™ is the posture brace that is perfect for you. Unlike a majority of back braces and posture correction equipment available today, the Posture Now is a more practical and easy to use solution. It features two comfortable neoprene armbands that attach to each of your arms. These bands are connected by a flexible elastic tension band. Whenever you unconsciously start to slouch, the PostureNow brace reminds you that you are going into an improper position again, causing you to correct your posture. Over time, your muscles remember the proper posture of your back, and will drastically improve your posture. Countless reviews from users rave about the comfort that the PostureNow gives, and that they can even use it under their clothing without being noticed. So if you are looking to buy a posture brace, the PostureNow should be on top of your list.

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