Potato Express - Perfectly Cook Baked Potatoes in Just Minutes Using Your Microwave

Many people agree that baked potatoes are delicious, but cooking them in the oven takes a lot of time, while popping potatoes directly into the microwave makes them mushy and taste bad. With the Potato Express™ however, you can easily and quickly cook potatoes in the microwave without compromising texture or taste. Potato Express is very easy to use. All you need to do is put a few potatoes inside the Potato Express bag, seal, and place it inside the microwave to cook for 4 minutes. When it's done, just take the potatoes out of the bag and you will get perfectly cooked potatoes that are firm and juicy and are really delicious as well. As seen on www.buypotatoexpress.com, the secret to this amazing cooking ability is Potato Express' unique insulation design that envelopes the potatoes with super-hot steam as it cooks inside the microwave. This ensures that the potatoes are cooked to perfection in the shortest time possible. You get potatoes that have tender skin yet at the same fluffy insides which will definitely bring out the potatoes naturally delicious taste. With the Potato Express, you can easily come up with delicious baked potato meals and snacks that you, your family, and your guests will surely enjoy eating.

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