Potty Patch - The Perfect Indoor Potty Training Item for Your Dog, Per Review By Award Winning Dog Trainer.

The Potty Patch™ has transformed home living with your dog, according to reviews by satisfied users. The Potty Patch's scented, faux indoor grass has the look and feel of the real thing, attracting the dog when he needs to pee or poo. And there are no difficult instructions on how to use it. This indoor mat is so absorbent it can take in 1 quart of water. The water drains to the tray beneath, leaving the Potty Patch perfectly dry. There is a Potty Patch for big dogs, too. It is easy to use for potty training a new puppy, and convenient for dogs that are already potty trained. Customer reviews include that by Kristen Jones, Award Winning Dog Trainer, who says the Potty Patch is the best training aid ever. She adds, 'I have seen it work the very first use.' Other customer reviews include a woman who said, 'My dogs and I hate going out in the cold. The Potty Patch is the perfect solution.' Another user said, 'I would rush home from work and still find a mess. There are no surprises with the Potty patch.' With the Potty Patch, your house is no longer one big doggie bathroom. Carpets and furniture and unscathed, and home is truly home for both you and your dog. Try Potty Patch™ for Yourself and Get a FREE Upgrade!

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