Power Swabs - Reviews say this Product Helps You Get Whiter Teeth Without the Hassle

Having clean, pearly-white teeth is essential to looking great but the problem is that professional tooth-whitening solutions can be expensive, take a lot of time and can cause you a bit of pain as well. If you are looking for a product that will allow you to easily whiten your teeth and do so at home then Power Swabs™ is the product for you to get. Using the product is really simple. As seen on www.powerswabs.com, all you need to do is to remove the Stain-Out Swab from its container and apply onto your teeth with a circular motion for around 2 minutes. After the application, let it sit for 30 seconds then do the whole process again but with the White Swab instead. Once application is done, don't eat, drink or rinse your mouth for 30 minutes. Power Swabs' powerful formula penetrates deep into the teeth in areas where your standard tooth gels and pastes simply cannot reach. Power Swabs' formula break the molecular bonds between the surface of the teeth and the stains which results in teeth that are much whiter. In fact, studies show that when using Power Swabs for 7 days, users were able to whiten their teeth for up to 6 shades lighter. Reviews also love that the Power Swabs are really easy to apply, do not cause any pain and are much more affordable compared to professional solutions, making this product a truly practical way to whiten teeth.

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