Precision Flex - Target Competitive Muscle Groups, Build Balance, Coordination, Speed, Agility and Core Stability With Precision Flex Rods

With Precision Flex™, you can bring your physical fitness training regimen all the way up to the next level. With just four color coded Precision Flex rods, you can build up resistance that is smooth, controlled and constantly progressive. This will give you the winning edge that every competitive athlete looks for and works hard to get. Precision flex does this because it can target key muscle groups to help build balance coordination, speed, agility and core stability. These features all together form the essential components of a winning, toned, shaped, sculpted, strengthened and athletic body. You can wrap the Precision Flex color coded rods around the key parts of your body where you need to build strength, speed, agility, et al. It can be around your waist, in front of you facing downwards, from behind facing upwards, and around the neck and shoulders, among other things. In this way you build up the fitness and strength you need to engage in all other types of competitive sports with a competitive edge, whether it is boxing, basketball, gymnastics, aerobics, weights, running, soccer, golf, or any other sport of choice. Precision Flex is the perfect physical fitness tool for any winning game.

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