Press Dome - The Plastic Lid Sealer That Turns Your Food Containers into Vacuum Food Storage. As Seen On TV.

Are you having trouble with your leftovers and constantly get messy and even rotten food? That problem can easily be solved with the Press Dome™! It's the best food storage product that you need in order for you to get rid of clunky food containers and instead use food storage that is clean, orderly and keeps your food fresh! The Press Dome is very simple in design but definitely brilliant in application. Basically, it's a plastic lid that you put over your plates in order to cover your food. Don't be fooled by its simple appearance however; the Press Dome is also a vacuum sealer that pushes the air out of your plates or containers. This equates to food that stays fresher for longer periods of time! How do you activate the vacuum sealing effect? Just push on the Press Dome and your food will stay fresh, it's that easy! Bananas stored using the Press Dome can last for a week and still remain fresh and look golden! Strawberries also stay fresh and at the same time mold free after one week under the Press Dome! Stored leftover pasta from last night with the Press Dome and you want to eat it now? You can put your pasta into the microwave with the Press Dome and heat it right away as the amazing lid is microwave safe! The Press Dome is also dishwasher safe for very easy cleaning. Many can attest to the fact that the Press Dome performs exactly as seen on TV! With the Press Dome, you get to enjoy your food for a much longer period of time!

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