Press N Brush - Dispense Toothpaste Perfectly Without the Mess

We all use toothpaste to brush our teeth but the problem is that at times it can get messy when you put on too much tooth paste onto your tooth brush. Instead of doing so by hand; you will want to make the whole process that much more convenient with the Press N Brush™. What's great about this product is that it effectively removes the mess from the process. To use, simply mount the Press N Brush to your bathroom or sink's wall according to instructions. Once in place, you then insert a tube of the toothpaste that you prefer and that it does not matter what the size of the toothpaste is as the Press N Brush is designed to work with virtually all toothpaste tube designs. The PressNBrush features a vacuum force technology that, once you press on the dispensing lever, the Press N Brush will dispense just the right amount of toothpaste; ensuring that there will not be spills or mess on your sink area. As seen on, the Press N Brush also comes with a sanitary toothbrush holder that keeps your toothbrush off the sink for a lot less clutter while at the same time keeps your tooth brush clean and protected from insects and dirt that may contaminate it.

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