Pressa Bella - The Steam Iron That Consumer Reports and Reviews Say Makes Ironing Faster and Easier, With More Professional Results.

With the Pressa Bella™ steam iron, you can say goodbye to the normal problems of ironing clothes-sticking, scorching, burning, dripping, sputtering, and other problems that arise with ordinary irons. Best of all, arrivederci wrinkles, wasted time and dry cleaning bills. In Italy, steam ironing has been done for hundreds of years. But with Pressa Bella steam ironing is streamlined and easy to do. You can expect a beautiful, professional quality press, with clothes that are flat and dry. All this, thanks to Pressa Bella's patented, revolutionary, and functional design. Pressa Bella has a miniaturized steam generator that provides continuous, pressurized, super heated dry steaming that cleans, sanitizes and deodorizes all at the same time. Its dual ended heating elements--one for the steam generator, and one for the sole plate, allow a combined use of low temperature with steam. You control the plate even for delicate fabrics. Consumer reviews have shown great appreciation for Pressa Bella's .smart thermal technology. Also, reviews are positive because you can steam, press and dry in one easy motion, and can penetrate 8 or more layers in just one press. Pants need not be turned over, and clothes can even have a steam press while hung. With Pressa Bella, ironing time is cut in half.

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