PressTastic - This Tool Adds the Perfect Crease Onto Your Pants or Other Clothing

When it comes to making your clothes look smooth and presentable, or if you want to add a crease to your formal wear pants and the like then you will have had to use a conventional flat iron, but the problem with this is that not only can a flat iron be quite inconvenient to use; it can actually add more wrinkles and even dirt to your clothing. Instead of using the usual flat iron with the ironing board, a much better alternative would be the PressTastic™. It is a hand-held tool that combines a portable steam iron and an ironing board in one. What's great about the Press Tastic is that it allows you to iron your clothes right on the hanger. Not only does this make the ironing process extremely easy; it also prevents wrinkles and crumpled areas from developing onto your clothing. The PressTastic's steamer function also makes the tool very effective at getting rid of those unsightly wrinkles. Reviews also really love the fact that the PressTastic features a small and compact form factor. Not only does this make the product easy to bring which is very useful during travels, but the PressTastic can also work into difficult to reach areas of your clothing like in between buttons for example, allowing the PressTastic to be quite effective at removing all wrinkles from your clothing.

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