Prolongz - Male Enhancement Developed by Advanced Men's Institute (AMI) to Help You Last Longer in Bed

Compared to men, women take a lot longer in order to reach orgasm, which is why a lot of men find it hard to thoroughly satisfy their partner due to the fact that they reach orgasm quickly. Advanced Men's Institute (AMI) acknowledges this problem and has developed Prolongz™, which they guarantee will help men last longer in bed. A common reason why men do not go the distance in bed is that they can get to excited or are too sensitive to stimulation, which greatly reduces their ability to control ejaculation. Prolongz solves that problem by utilizing an oral strip delivery for fast absorption of the performance enhancer's active ingredients which includes ginseng, damiana, and fenugreek, experience and research proven sexual enhancers that are used time and time again. These ingredients not only give men stronger erections but at the same time, allow men to have greater control over their ejaculation, which should allow them to last as long, if not longer than their partner. So if you feel like you cannot satisfy your partner the way you want to because you cannot last long in bed, then Prolongz will definitely help you satisfy her to the fullest.

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