Push 2-0 - Reviews Say This Simple Yet Effective Product Makes Watering the Garden a Whole Lot Easier

Are you tired with having to swap out different hoses whenever you water your yard or clean the car, or maybe you are tired of having to use tools in order to open the outdoor faucet? These situations can be very frustrating, but that can all change with the Push 2-0™. This revolutionary, easy to use dual valve system will allow you to hook up to 2 hoses off a single faucet, and will also allow you to turn these valves on or off with no hassle at all. All you need to do is to attach the Push 2-0 to an outdoor faucet, then simply attach different hoses onto the Push 2-0. You can simply keep the faucet open, yet keep the Push 2-0 closed so you do not need to worry about stuck or hard to open faucet valves. When you want to use a hose attached to the Push 2-0, simply push onto the valve you want to open and the Push 2-0 will allow the water to flow through. Reviews love the Push 2-0 because it makes outdoor cleaning with hoses a lot easier, as you do not need to manually swap out the houses. Simply attach both hoses that you need at once with the Push 2-0, and simply push the button to open the valve of the hose you want to use.

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