Push and Prep - These Uniquely Design Chopping and Slicing Blades that Will Cut Down on Your Food Preparation Time

A lot of people love to cook, but a majority of them hate all the prep work like the cutting, dicing and slicing of food ingredients because it takes up a lot of time and requires a lot of your attention as well. With the Push and Prep™ however, not only will you have an easy way of preparing your food ingredients for cooking, but you will also cut your prep time in half, or even faster than that. The Push and Prep features a disc shaped center with handles on its sides. In the center of the disc are various, razor sharp stainless steel blades arranged in various patterns in line with the kind of cuts you want your food ingredients to having. These blades do not need sharpening, and will stay razor sharp for long periods of time. To use, all you need to do is place the Push and Prep on top of the food ingredients that you want to cut, push it through and the Push and Prep does all the cutting for you. Not only will you have multiple cuts of your food ingredients in one simple action, these cuts are all uniform and perfect which should greatly help in your food's consistency. A lot of reviews praise the Push and Prep for its simplicity and effectiveness. It works with a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and other popular cooking ingredients, and is definitely a great addition to any cooking aficionado's kitchen.

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