Racin Rascal - Easily Keep Your Cat Active and Entertained with this Product

Cats love to play and be active but if they have nothing to do then all that they will be doing for the rest of the day would be to loaf around. If you want to keep your cat active without having to take up a lot of your time, then the Racin Rascal™ is the product for you. It is a toy that will help keep your cat active without you needing to be directly involved with your cat's play time. As seen on www.racinrascal.com, all you need to do is to switch on the Racing Rascal and place it on the floor. The product acts just like a real mouse which your cat will find quite irresistible not to pounce on. The product is remote controlled so you can easily control its movements if you want to. Also included with the remote is a laser pointer which is another way for you to get your cat's attention even if you are some distance away from your beloved pet. With Racin' Rascal, you will be able to keep your cat moving which will definitely help to maintain your pet's health. Also, the Racin' Rascal mouse itself is made of durable materials so it can last through quite a lot of your cat's pouncing and playing with it.

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