Rainbow Mist - Nourish Your Plants with the Most Revolutionary Watering Method Available for Plants Today

If you use a hose to water your plants, then you may have noticed that the water current that your hose produces is too strong that it can actually damage your plants in the process. For a more gentle and effective way to deliver water to your plants, Rainbow Mist™ is the perfect product for you. To use, all you need to do is to attach Rainbow Mist onto your garden hose and position it on the area of your garden or lawn that you want to water, turn the hose on, and the Rainbow Mist will do its thing. Rainbow Mist spins up and creates an even mist that floats into the air, and this gently but at the same time effectively delivers water to your plants without harming their leaves or flowers. Not only will this protect your plants from damage, but Rainbow Mist also saves you a lot of water, as it requires 30% less water than conventional sprinklers do. Reviews not only love the fact that the Rainbow Mist is an effective watering tool for your plants and grass, but it also makes for a scenic decoration of your lawn at night, as it produces a light show that a lot of reviews love, as it definitely makes the overall look of the house very colorful and vibrant at night. With Rainbow Mist, watering your lawn or garden has never been so easy and entertaining to look at.

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