Red Copper Better Pasta Pot - Easily Cook Delicious Pasta Fast With this Product. Endorsed by Cathy Mitchell.

Pasta based meals are loved by many, but the problem with pasta is that it can be quite difficult to cook perfectly, and can be quite messy and time consuming too. If you are looking for a cooking tool that will make it a lot easier for you prepare pasta, then Red Copper Better Pasta Pot™ is the product to get. AS seen on and endorsed by Cathy Mitchell, the Red Copper Better PastaPot comes in a 5-quart size which allows you to cook more pasta at one time and will surely help to cut down your pasta preparation time. Also, the product's cooking surface is infused with copper and is scratch resistant as well. This allows you to boil not just pasta in the pan but you can also boil as well as mash potatoes all at the same pot. You can even cook up cheesy chili macaroni without any chances of the food sticking onto the pan. One of the most hassle-filled parts of preparing pasta is the straining part which can lead to spills and mess. The Red Copper Better Pasta Pot's design can solve this problem. The product features a tempered glass lid that effectively locks onto the pot making it secure. What really makes it amazing is that it features large holes on one side and small holes on another side. This allows you to easily and effectively strain your food without having to use a separate strainer in order to do so. With the Red Copper Better Pasta Pot, preparing pasta will definitely be a faster and much easier experience.

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