Red Copper Kansas City Bacon - Perfectly Cook Bacon Fast and Easy with this Product

Do you love the delicious taste of bacon and you are looking for products that will help you to cook this with much more ease and consistency? The Red Copper Kansas City Bacon™ is the product for you then. Instead of frying your bacon on a pan, all you need to do is to place the strips of bacon into the Red Copper Kansas City Bacon, close the lid and then turn the dial to how well you want the bacon to be cooked. As seen on, the Red Copper Kansas City Bacon features a vertical design which allows the excess oil, fat and grease from the bacon to just drip away into a catch pan, which you can easily remove and dispose of the collected oil without the mess. The product also features pure copper cooking surfaces along with a non-stick ceramic coating. This allows the bacon to cook evenly and that it will not stick onto the surfaces that it is cooked on. With the Red Copper Kansas City Bacon, you will be able to cook bacon quickly and consistently and without the mess. Also, since there is little to virtually no excess oil or grease in your bacon, it is much healthier as well, allowing you to enjoy the full flavor of bacon without the guilt.

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