Repeat Potty Pad - The Potty Training Pad Perfect for Your Dog or Puppy

Are you tired of your pet dog or cat making a mess out of your house because they just pee wherever they want? You can stop this from bothering you by taking the time to potty train your pet, and you can easily do that with the Repeat Potty Pad™. The Repeat Potty Pad is a specialized pad designed for your pet to pee on. It has the appearance of a patch of grass, so placing it inside the house will make it very easy for our pet to see and with proper training, identify that it is the place to pee on. Unlike disposable pads for your pets, the Repeat Potty Pad is much more absorbent, and will not cause a mess on the floor underneath. The Repeat Potty Pad will also help save you a lot of money, as it can be used again. All you need to do is give it a thorough wash with soap and water, dry it outdoors, and the Potty Pad is ready for use again. The Repeat Potty Pad is also perfect for use with your young puppy, as it can easily be potty trained using the Repeat Potty Pad, and will not pee just anywhere as he or she grows old.

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