Richard Simmons Project HOPE - Lose Weight with Cardio and Toning Workouts and an Electronic Food Mover that Controls Portions

For 38 years, fitness expert Richard Simmons has been helping people lose weight through his TV shows, books, exercise videos, and Slimmons studio in Beverly Hills. Now he is back with an all new program to help people get in shape no matter what their circumstance. Richard Simmons Project HOPE™ combines a unique exercise program, a plan for controlling food portions, and Richard's encouragement and inspiration. The name Project HOPE stands for Health, Optimism, Passion, and Energy. You will burn calories with exercise routines based on the Triple Training Method, a combo of cardio and toning arranged in a unique progression that has been sequenced to achieve maximized weight loss and burn 3 times more fat compared to traditional cardio alone. When exercise programs are too intense, people can't keep up; and when they are too basic, people don't get results. With the Project HOPE videos, as you progress the reps, moves, and intensity change to get more challenging so you never get bored and you never plateau. The other element is the Richard Simmons electronic Food Mover. This device helps you choose the ideal foods to eat in the perfect portions. You can take the Food Mover with you wherever you go to keep your diet on track. Project HOPE gives you encouragement as you take your journey to a better you. During the videos Richard Simmons provides affirmations throughout the routines, and the FoodMover contains a "Motivators" button to keep you on track and feeling good about your progress.

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