Riddex Quad - Control Bugs and Rodents in Your Home with The Sonic Pulse Pest Repeller

If you have heard o Riddex Pulse, then you know that it is designed to be a sonic pulse pest repeller that sends signals through the walls and wiring of your house to drive away pests such as cockroaches, rats, mice, and other nuisances. Now Riddex Pulse has become Riddex Quad™, the new and improved pest control device for your home.How does it work? Riddex Quad sends sonic and digital pulses through your house, which irritate and scare common household pets. And with its new and improved design, every Riddex Quad comes with not just one plus, but two bonus features. Now you no longer have to lose an outlet to the Riddex Quad because it has its very own outlet built in to the device. It even has a night light feature that is perfect for helping you get around the house at night without lighting it up and waking everyone up.Riddex Quad is designed to be totally effective, without repelling common household pets such as dogs, cats, fishes and birds. Check out for yourself how many a review has lauded the unique way this device affects a home, and allows households to stay away from noxious chemical pest control methods, as well as the risk of letting unknown people in for expensive treatments. Get your very own Riddex Quad today!

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