Rivet Strips - Easy to Apply Yet Powerful Adhesive Strips Give The Adhesion Power of Glue and Epoxy Without the Mess

Powerful adhesives like epoxy and glue are very useful especially if you are fond of making handicrafts or are into do-it-yourself repairs around your own home, but using these traditional adhesives can be very impractical as they can get messy, and you end up with a dirty looking adhesion job, or worse get your hand or skin bonded to the surface of the item you are trying to stick which can be a very unpleasant experience. A much more practical adhesive to use without the associated mess are Rivet Strips™. These amazing and extremely useful strips combine the convenience of a peel and stick tape yet also have the strong bonding properties that a permanent epoxy has. Gone are the days when you had to mix various epoxy compounds and spend long hours to allow the bond to cure. With the RivetStrips, all that you need to do is clean the surfaces that you want to bond together, peel the Rivet Strips' protective cover and place it onto one of the objects that you wish to bond. After this is done, just press firmly against the desired surface to set the Strips, allow a few minutes for the adhesive to set and you are done! You can now enjoy the strength of permanent epoxy with a mess-free, easy to apply adhesive strip. Rivet Strips not only make as great replacement for glue and epoxy, they can also be used to replace nails, screws and many more. In fact, Rivet Strips are powerful enough that it can be used to lift a 3,500 pound SUV! The Rivet Strips are truly useful and versatile adhesives that are perfect additions to any toolbox.

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