Robo VacMop - This Robot Will Vacuum and Mop Your House for You, Saving You a lot of Time and Hassle

Some of the most time and effort demanding tasks in your home include vacuuming and mopping the different surfaces of your home. With the Robo VacMop™ in your house however, you do not have to bother with those tasks ever again! The Robo VacMop is an amazing machine that will do the mopping and vacuuming of your house for you. To use, all that you need to do is to place the Robo VacMop on the surface that you want to clean, press the power button on the remote control and let it do all the work for you. Inside the Robo Vac Mop is a powerful vacuum motor that gives it great suction power. Combined with the dirt sweeping brush and the main brush for taking the dirt in and the Robo VacMop is powerful enough to effectively vacuum even the dirtiest of carpets. Also, the Robo VacMop has an internal tank which you can fill with water or cleaning solution, press a button and it should now be able to mop your floors. The mop head of the RoboVac Mop is reusable. Simply pop it into the washer, dry and attach it again to the Robo VacMop for another mopping session. The Robo VacMop also features 42 onboard sensors which allow it to steer clear of obstacles around your home as well as remember which areas have already been cleaned resulting in your whole floor area getting the total clean that you want.

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