Robostir - Review this Device that Stirs Pot and Pan Automatically and Leaves You Free in the Kitchen!

The Robostir™ is the incredible kitchen gadget what will automatically stir a pot or pan for you. It will buy you time and leave you free to work on other cooking chores. Just place RoboStir's feet into your pot or pan and with the press of a button it will act as your chef's assistant to stir your sauce or soup. The orbital gyroscopic action of the RoboStir is specially designed to thoroughly stir every part of the pot or pan so that no part is left unstirred. The three silicone feet of the product ensure it will not burn. It can withstand temperatures up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit. The RoboStir is conveniently cordless and battery-operated, so no electrical cord will get in your way while preparing your meal. There are 3 stirring speed available so that it can handle a wide variety of foods, such as gravy, soups, stews, beans, marina, marsala, alfredo, cheese sauce, and many more. Review your own recipe list and you will realize just how many the Robostirrer can help you with! The Robo Stir can handle pots and pans of any size and can stir for up to 4 hours at a time. This stirrer is also 100% water proof and safe for non-stick cooking surfaces. Clean up is a breeze because RoboStir is dishwasher safe. Finally you no longer have to spend precious cooking time stirring soups and sauces. Let RoboStir be your third hand in the kitchen!

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