Rockwell Versacut - Review the Circular Saw So Versatile It Is Like Having an Entire Workshop in One Hand

The Rockwell Versacut™ circular saw is an innovative power saw that performs like no other tool else you can buy on the market today. The name Versacut comes from the fact that this circular saw is so versatile, powerful, durable that it is like having a workshop in one hand. Review some of the hundreds of different types of materials you can just with this one powertool: steel tubing, concrete, metal, pipe, laminates, plastic, tile, hardwood, bamboo, ceramic, slate, limestone, linoleum, stucco, and many more. The key to the Rockwell Versacut is the ability to adjust the cutting depth with total precision, anywhere from 0 to 1 1/16 inches. This feature allows you to cut the material right where you need to with no need for a saw horse. This means you can now cut the material right where you need to. As seen on, Rockwell Versacut has a compact design and it can be carried with just one hand, ending the need to be lugging heavy and bulky tools to and from the shop or garage. The fully enclosed blade ensures the safety of anyone who needs to use this circular saw. The Rockwell Versacut includes onboard universal vacuum attachment that makes it a no mess tool, letting you work indoors while reducing clean up time. Popular Mechanics magazine made a review of the Rockwell Versacut and awarded it their Editor's Choice award.

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