Rocky Mountain Knife - The Only Survival Knife You Will Need for All Kinds of Uses

Are you looking for an all-around survival knife that is not only useful for cutting and durable to withstand the elements, but also can help you in a myriad of emergency situations? Then the Rocky Mountain Knife™ is the tool that you need. At first glance, the Rocky Mountain Knife looks just like about any other high quality knife that you will see in the market. It features a durable and extremely sharp survival blade with a serrated spine for maximum cutting power. It also features a durable, ergonomically designed handle that will give you all the leverage and grip that you need in order to cut through food, wood, rope and other materials that you might want to cut. The Rocky Mountain Knife, however, has more features in its handle. Inside the Rocky Knife's handle are matches, whistles, fishing line, a blade sharpener, and other things that you can use for emergency situations. You even have a compass at the bottom of the handle to allow you to find your way should you get lost outdoors. The Rocky Mountain Knife then is the perfect tool to have on your outdoor trips, camping trips, or even as an all-around knife at home.

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