Rollie Eggmaster - Changing the Way You Cook Eggs

Eggs are staple food for breakfast for a lot of people all over the world. However, making eggs for breakfast can sometimes be messy and at times could be hard to cook just right. The Rollie Eggmaster™ revolutionizes the process of cooking eggs for meals, allowing you to prepare them faster and easier! This egg cooker features a revolutionary vertical cooking system which is covered by a heating element that efficiently transfers the heat from the cooking surface to the eggs. This allows you to cook eggs just the way you want them to be. The cooking surface is also non-stick, and you can easily pop the eggs out of the Rollie Eggmaster like a hotdog with the included skewers. Now, you can cook eggs well done, pull them out of the Rollie Eggmaster and slice them up for use in salads and sandwiches! After use, cleanup of this cooker is a cinch. Just wash it with soap and water, use the included cleaning brush to lightly scrub the surface, rinse and let dry; it's that easy! Many reviews say that this simple yet useful product is one of the best additions that you can make to your kitchen. It is also small and lightweight, so you can bring the Rollie Eggmaster on your travels, and eat hot, perfectly cooked eggs even on the go!

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