Rox Ice Ball Maker - Reviews Say This Product Has Made Ice-Cold Drinks a Lot more Enjoyable

Cold drinks are great, but they are even better with ice to keep them cold and more refreshing. However, ice can easily melt which can actually water down the flavor of your drink, but not with the ice balls that you can get with the Rox Ice Ball Maker™. Ice balls do not melt as fast as regular crushed ice does, making it the perfect addition to any drink that you want to keep cold without having a negative effect on the flavor, and with the Rox Ice Ball Maker, you can easily have the ice balls that you want with your cold drinks. It works just like a regular ice cube tray. All you need to do is fill it with water, pop it into the freezer and you will have your ice balls in just minutes. A lot of user reviews on the Rox Ice Ball Maker love the fact that not only is it perfect for creating ice balls, but it can also be used for other functions as well. The Rox Ice Ball Maker can be used as a mold to create gelatin snacks, ice pops, and it is also oven safe, so it can be used to create cake balls and even meat balls as well. The Rox Ice Ball Maker is truly one versatile ice and food preparation tool that will make a great addition to any kitchen.

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