Roxx Nation - Everyone is Playing the Game the Rocks! Will You Be Left Out?

Roxx Nation™ truly rocks! Don't let yourself be left out of the action. Get yourself your very own Roxx Nation Roxx packs and accessories today! Flip 'em! Toss 'em! Make them slide and shoot them! Pick the colors that you like. Build your Roxx set says "This is me" and shows just how awesome things can be. Roxx is changing the way you think of play all over the nation, because now everywhere is Roxx Nation. If you don't have Roxx in your pocket, then you are seriously behind the curve. Whether you like ninjas, skulls, bulldogs or pirates - there is a Roxx piece for you. These spifftastic trick toys are truly stylin' and series 1 alone features 72 original designs that are rocking collectors' items in themselves. But Roxx don't just sit there and look fly, Roxx are your warriors, your avatars in the craziest tricked out games that have hit the planet. With a Trixx Stadium, you and your friends can see who has the best Roxx and the best moves. Take no prisoners and grab the glory. See if you have what it takes to be the President, the numero uno of Roxx Nation! Start your collection today by grabbing yourself a Roxx Nation Roxx Pack. Or better yet, get a Boxx of Roxx to make sure you get the best and rarest Roxx out there. Start rocking with Roxx Nation now!

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