SAF-T-BAIT - Review this Bait and Lure Protector that Will Also Help You Cast Farther When You Fish

You love fishing, but some of the more frustrating things that can happen to anyone who goes fishing is losing expensive bait when you cast and getting expensive lures caught in the weeds. SAF-T-BAIT™ was designed to protect your bait while helping your cast longer and more accurately. Here is how SAF-T-BAIT works: Load your bait or lure in to the patented bait bunker and then cast. Your bait or lure will be protected and the added weight will help you cast live bait to a greater distance. It also works as a bobber and you can even set your bait depth for perfect presentation to the fish. Even when you cast into the wind, SAF-T-BAIT will ensure that you do not lose it. Endorsed by fishing champion and hall-of-famer Jimmy Houston, SAF-T-BAIT was tested by casting chicken liver (great bait for catfish) 100 times, and it never came off! Now even if you are not an expert fisherman you can place the bait right where the fish are, such as next to brush without getting it caught. If you love to take boys and girls fishing, then SAF-T-BAIT will ensure their safety by protecting them from hooks and helping them to cast. Save money by not losing expensive baits anymore. You can get a set of SAF-T-BAITs (in large, medium, and small sizes) along with glow sticks that will help you to fish at night.

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