Saint-Gaudens $50 Double Eagle - A Replica Gold Coin That Will Add A Lot of Value to Your Coin Collection

If you are an avid coin collector, you are surely aware of the rarity of the original Saint-Gaudens $50 Double Eagle™ coin. While looking for an original one is already a very hard goal to accomplish, paying for it should you find one can also be a problem, as the coin can reach up to $2,700 in value, making it quite out of reach for a majority of coin collectors. If the Saint-Gaudens $50 Double Eagle is missing in your collection, you could instead purchase the 2012 replica of the coin instead! The current Saint-Gaudens $50 Double Eagle replica is a beauty to look at, thanks to it being layered with 24 karat gold. The obverse side of the coin shows the Striding Liberty design that was first created by Augustus Saint-Gaudens over one hundred years ago. On the reverse side, it depicts the image of an American Bald eagle in flight while it is protecting its nest below. Not only do you get a beauty of a coin, you also get a clear and durable acrylic capsule to make it easy for you to securely store and display the coin. This is surely a great addition to your coin collection, and will also make a welcome gift for a friend or relative who is into collecting rare and vintage coins.

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