Salad Chef - The Only Salad Maker Cookware Machines Specifically Designed To Make Chopping Ingredients for Any Salad Recipe Easier

Salad Chef™ is here to change the way you think about making salad. What does it take to make an excellent salad? First you have to wash the greens. Then you have to shake out the water without ruining your vegetables. Then you have to slice or dice other ingredients. Some of these are tiring like tough potatoes and cucumbers. Some are delicate and easy to wreck, like eggs and tomatoes. Then after that, there's the presentation in layers. If you are serving it now, it may already be too late for everyone's appetite. If you are storing it for later, there's still the matter of finding the perfect container for it. Well Salad Chef can make all that work seem like a breeze. This amazing salad maker will have you making your favorite salad recipe like a salad machine. Instead of using all sorts of cookware, all you need to make the perfect salad is the Salad Chef. First the salad chef has a special washing bowl where you simply have to put your leaves and other rinsables. The bowl has a special spin function that will help you dry the contents. After that, no more slicing, all you have to do is push in the ingredients through the special cutting grate that never dulls, allowing you to slice entire vegetables in mere seconds. Need storage? Just pop on the specially designed cap, or serve directly in the Salad Chef. It's so easy! Get Salad Chef today!

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